Marina Day

Activities organized for all.
Welcome to Marina Day!

Saturday the 9th of June 2016

Marinas will open their doors to the public on this day, with activities organized for all, aiming to show the facilities and nautical sports to all members of the family.

Activities are varied: outings in sailing or motor boat, visit of the facilities, diving baptism, workshops for adults and children, outings in kayak, food, exhibitions, contests, markets and many other activities, that may be consulted in this website.

Come and enjoy marinas, their activities and one of the Balearic geographical jewels, the sea!

History: Marina Day was born in the US, in 2001, as an initiative to bring marinas closer to those who don’t usually visit them. The aim is to break out of the elitist image that some people may have of marinas, reminding them that it is not necessary to be the owner of a boat to enjoy them, as also to enjoy the sea or the sport activities frequently taking place in marinas.

Today many ports all over the world are joining this lovely initiative.